Ali Larter Loves Bollywood

Ali Larter has a great time in Bollywood which, for her, might be better than Hollywood. She speaks highly of the people inside Bollywood who are working together with her to create indie movie, Marigold.

"We watched a bunch of Salman Khan's movies and what was incredible to me was they're just about joy. They're about sheer entertainment. To the amount of people who watch Bollywood movies, it allows them to dream in life. They dream of better places, foods and colors. It just excites your senses in so many ways. There's something so joyous about them."

Marigold tells us a story about an American actress, Marigold Lexton, who tramples over everybody despite her fading stardom. She was hampered in her big efforts by a series of misfortunates until she met Prem (Khan), the film's dance instructor who changes her attitude and life forever.

Source: KPDX